Thursday, 7 February 2013


"Reunite" is a direct intervention to reunite families back with their Ugandan families. These children have been lost in the orphanage system, trafficked for international adoption or kidnapped. Reunite also works with these families to make sure that the resettlement is sustainable and has every chance of being successful by providing social work services, economic empowerment and in some cases emergency support (food, medical services etc).  

Reunite uses qualified Ugandan investigators, social workers, family support workers and economic empowerment officers. We are totally committed to supporting the Ugandan Government Alternative Care Framework. For more information about Alternative Care in Uganda you can visit

Many people have asked us how they can support us and we are so grateful for your  interest and desire to support these children and their families, it really does make a huge difference.  If you want more information on how you can support this project,  receive prayer requests and/or our newsletter then please send an email to .

Here are some photographs of a few of the families on the Reunite programme.  It is an honour to know them - Reunite has changed their lives and they have changed ours.


Anne said...

Amazing work you guys are doing! I love these stories of kids getting reunited with their families.

WP said...

This is beautiful. <3

Springs International Hotel said...

This work of reuniting kids with their families is really remarkable. We appreciate your sincere effort.